KBE Teaching & Sharing Circle - November 2020

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Social Injustice in the Court System

Tuesday, November 24th, 7-9pm (EST)

Tina Stevens is an Algonquin-Ojibwe woman from Kitigan Zibi, Kettle and Stoney Point who has lived in London (Ontario) her whole life. She has three strong sons and attributes her energy to having been raised by a strong mother– a great Elder in her own community. Her given name is Minhminhs (Little Pigeon) and she is part of the Maang Dodem (Loon Clan). She has been employed in the court system for 30 years as a Court and Client representative. Working with various unions, the Children's Aid Society, and other community organizations, Tina enjoys sharing her knowledge about Indigenous teachings, history, culture and traditions using a wide spectrum of resources.  She shares her lived experience within the settings of the courthouse. In this Teaching & Sharing Circle, we will explore how settler colonialism began the longstanding legacy of racism and discrimination toward Indigenous peoples. We will gather our voices to discuss the connections between the imposition of European culture, how Indigenous laws were overlooked, and then how the removal of Indigenous people from their home territories continues to have long-lasting impacts today.  And, we will look at steps of Reconciliation that may correct or re-shape the injustices in the justice system. 

November 24, 2020 7:00 PM to  9:00 PM
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